Yard Cleanup Services

manassas yard cleanup services

Cleaning your property can be a tedious task and most often take up a lot of time – the time that you can’t afford with your busy schedule. We are just what you need. Manassas Landscaping Pros can do the clean up for you. We are a landscaping company comprise of a team of experts who are committed to giving only the best service and the most beautiful landscape. 

Our yard clean up includes the following services:

 Clearing debris such as leaves, dead branches, and other clutter in the yard. We have the tools to do this job right and fast.

 Haul and decompose debris. We don’t just dump the debris and leave it for the garbage truck to deal with or let it rot somewhere else. We haul the debris out of your yard and take it to our decomposing yard to make better use of the debris. 

 Mow the lawn to restore that manicured look. This adds curb appeal to your homes so we make sure it is not overlooked.

 Re-edging of the flowerbeds and clean them with dead leaves, wilted flowers, etc.

 Re-define the lawn borders. After some time the borders get damaged or covered by dirt so as part of the yard clean up we make sure this is also done to restore the beauty of the lawn. 

 Re-seed baldly patched of the lawn. These can be caused by too much water or direct exposure to sunlight. When the lawn is not watered properly, dry patches occur. 

 Pruning and trimming. We include shrubs and trees in our yard clean up because they can grow unruly over time and although the shade will be good it can also cause too much dead leaves lying around. And the tree branches can even be a threat to safety. 

 Aeration. Over time the soil under your grass can become compacted. This inhibits precious nutrients from thriving. The grass too won’t be able to benefit from it anymore. Aeration is digging small holes into the soil to allow water and nutrients to seep into the ground. 

 Weeding and weed control application. Over time weed can grow in your lawn and garden. We weed your garden to restore its beauty and stop the weeds from stealing the nutrients away from your plants. We also apply the weed-control application to stop the spread of weeds and give you cause for worry. 

We will do whatever it takes to keep your lawn and garden looking manicured and beautiful all year round. Your satisfaction is our measure of guarantee. You can call us for a free estimate. We have very courteous and friendly personnel to take your calls and set you an appointment with our team of experts. We assure you that your lawn will be completely clean in just a day. Our crew are not just experts on landscaping, we also have the right tools for the job. We invest in the right machinery and equipment to ensure that we provide you with nothing but the best service

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