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manassas sprinkler services

Lawn sprinklers are very important if you want to maintain a really lush and beautiful looking lawn all season long. However, since most of this equipment is hidden from view a lot of people take it for granted. Sprinklers are live-savers not just for your grass and garden but also for you. If you have tried hand watering your plants, you will understand the effort it takes to water your lawn. And even when you think you’ve done enough you will still end up having bald patches of grass or rotting patches due to overwatering. 

Manassas Landscaping Pros understand this dilemma perfectly. Our services include the installation of the right sprinklers for your lawn. Not all sprinklers are the same and each lawn has a different requirement. A professionally designed sprinkler system will not only create the beautiful lawn you want but also save you a lot on energy and cost. 

2 types of water sprinkler system

 Overhead sprinklers are commonly used for regular lawns. They can be automated so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it on. 

 Drip Irrigation is a micro-irrigation system where it allows water to drip slowly to the ground. This minimizes the use of water and inhibits evaporation. 

2 common types of sprinklers

Spray type

This is commonly called Fixed spray heads. They spray a fan-shaped water pattern. This type of sprinkler is suitable for small gardens and lawn. 

Rotor type

This type of sprinklers operates by rotating streams. The water either go back and forth or around in circles over the lawn. This is very ideal for big lawns and complicated landscape. A rotor type sprinkler will ensure that all nook and cranny of your lawn is watered properly.

It is important to get your own lawn sprinklers because landscaping can cost a great deal of money. If you leave your lawn unattended, refurbishing it will likely cause even more because it will have to include some cleanup job. The sprinklers will ensure that the garden is watered enough and at the right time of the day. 

Installing lawn sprinklers also save a lot of water and energy. Hand watering your lawn and garden with the use of hose will make you waste a lot of water and energy without you even knowing. The sprinklers are designed to give enough water to the area it covers and it will only turn on when it’s time to do so. This will also prevent pooling your lawn which can be a nuisance and can even cause drain problems in the long run. 

We at Manassas Landscaping Pros understand your needs. Call us now so we can survey your area and help you decide on the best lawn sprinkler. We will also provide you with the best irrigation design to make sure that the sprinklers are where they are supposed to be. Poorly planned water irrigation or placement of sprinklers will only end up a waste of resources. We have the right tools as well to help you achieve the best sprinkler system for your lawn.

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