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manassas sodding services

Having a lush lawn is truly a sight to behold. But it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve it. If you are one of those who can’t afford to wait and put in the work, we have the best solution for you. Sodding provides instant lawn beautification. No need for seeding and waiting for days on end to see grass sprouts. It is an inexpensive way to achieve the green lawn you want. It takes little time to lay the sod. If done properly, all you have to do it sit back and admire the beautiful landscape before you. 

Advantages of sodding

It gives you instant gratification

You won’t have to wait long to admire the beauty of your lawn. As soon as the sod is laid by professional landscapers, you can fully benefit from your lawn. It may require a lot of time to water but only for a few weeks until the roots have established themselves fully. 

Sod requires less irrigation

You don’t need to water it as often as seeded lawns. 

It provides a denser lawn

The sod is fitted correctly so that you get an even looking and lush lawn. There are no bald spots to start with so it doesn’t require much work on your part once it’s on the ground. 

It prevents soil erosion

Sod is great for keeping soil erosion since the grass is fully mature. 

It controls dust and dirt

Sod is an effective way to filter dust and dirt from entering your home. The grass will hold it on the ground instead of getting carried or blown by the wind. 

Sod is grown by skilled farmers

These sods are grown by skilled farmers to you can be sure that it is healthy and fully mature before it is harvested. 

If you want an instant lush green lawn, call us now so we can help you plan and design your lawn. Our experienced crew will be more than glad to schedule a visit so we can give you’re a precise assessment of the job it entails. With sodding, we don’t just lay the sod, we prepare the ground first to make sure that the sod will thrive. The process involves removing any turf and debris and re-grading the area with the topsoil of premium grade. This will ensure proper drainage and water flow before laying the sod. 

While it may sound really easy, the best way to have it done is by contracting a professional to do it. We, at Manassas Landscaping Pros, have the experience and tools to ensure that after sodding, you will continue to enjoy your lush green lawns. We do the work of laying the sod and maintaining your lawns. Just call us for a free estimate and site visit. We firmly believe that as much as you can’t wish for a beautiful lawn without the hard work, we at Manassas Landscaping Pros can do it for you

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