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Manassas Seeding Services

Seeding is not for the faint of heart but the benefits are amazing. If you want a really healthy and beautiful lawn, it is best to grass seed it. Manassas Landscaping Pros are here for such needs. We provide the best seeding services that will improve your lawn. 

What is seeding?

Seeding is establishing your grass lawn from planting seeds into the ground and growing them to their lush green appearance. While this takes a lot of time and effort it is the most effective and rewarding way to achieve a really green and beautiful lawn. 

There are two types of seeding;

Hydroseeding is the process where it uses a slurry made of seeds, mulch, water, and fibers. The presence of water mixing in the seed helps with the germination, making it produce good results quickly as compared with hand-seeding. 

Pros of hydroseeding

 It is a one-step application and will not require you to water it every so often.

 It is economical because although it costs more to prepare you will spend less time, effort and resources to see good results. 

 It is an easy process and takes less time to apply. 

Cons of hydroseeding

 Can cause over-spraying. You can’t actually control the spraying and limit the space where it lands. 

 Hydroseeding uses only one type of grass seed. 

Hand seeding

Is the inexpensive way of seeding and ideal for small areas, residential gardens, and small lawns. 

Pros of hand-seeding

 With hand-seeding, you avoid over spraying and risking grass growing in your garden which will eventually be an added task. 

 It is cheaper than hydroseeding since it can be done easily and without the use of machinery.

 It uses a combination of grass seeds. Having more than one type of grass decreases the likelihood of pest infiltration and diseases. 

Cons of hand-seeding

 You may have to apply seed several times before you see a good result because hand seeding results in low germination due to the absence of mulch.

 It takes more time and effort to maintain to achieve good results. You may have to water it several times a day to make sure the soil and the seed don’t dry up. 

 Having a landscaped lawn adds curb appeal to your homes but this entails planning, creative design, and effective landscaping system. Part of these considerations you must consider getting a professional to start with seeding your lawn to achieve that lush and healthy looking lawn. Here at Manassas Landscaping Pros, we deal with seeding lawns like a pro. We don’t just plant the seeds, we consider all the important factors to make the grass grow fast and effectively. 

The effort it takes to achieve a manicured lawn is not easy. You need time and dedication to get that lush green lawn and more time still to keep it that way. Call us now for a free assessment. Our efficient and reliable personnel will attend to your inquiries and schedule your consultation with one of our lawn experts.

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