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manassas mulching services

Mulching is a very popular practice to enhance your garden. It is widely used in gardening because it effectively enhances the soil quality, locks in moisture on the ground absorb excess water in your garden. Mulches are made of tree barks, leaves, wood chips and other organic materials that are used as soil enhancers. 

Manassas Landscaping Pros are experts in providing solutions to your garden and landscaping needs. We offer an array of landscaping solutions including mulching. Mulching has a lot of benefits. It is a very inexpensive process of improving your garden and its soil to make sure that your garden stays beautiful all year long. While some season may cause your plants to wither, with mulching we get to protect the soil and protect the roots of your plants to ensure a healthy regrowth in the spring. 

Benefits of mulching

During summer soil moisture is easily lost resulting in withered plants. When you regularly mulch your garden it absorbs more water and keeps the soil from compacting during the very dry season. 

Germination and the growth of weeds are also prevented if you mulch. The presence of mulch in the soil leaves no room for weeds to grow and ruin your garden and kills your plants. Weeds usually steal the nutrients from your plants. If you mulch on a regular basis you will also spend less time weeding your garden. It saves you a lot of time and energy to maintain your garden.

It also helps prevent the spread of soil-borne diseases which can destroy your garden and lead to expensive rehabilitation. 

The mulches serve as insulation for the soil to stabilize its temperature. It protects the roots from extreme heat in summer and extreme cold in winter. Therefore you won’t need to keep planting new shrubs and plants at the change of season. 

Organic mulches decompose over time. This improves the quality of the soil and makes your plant thrive beautifully. Your landscape will maintain its beauty in a different season. 

There are two types of mulches the organic and the non-organic mulches. Choosing the best type of mulch for your garden depends on your preference and purpose. Organic mulches are widely used because they decompose and improves soil quality. Although the materials in the mulch decompose at varying speed. This is why you need to replenish it every now and then. 

Inorganic mulches are low maintenance however they don’t decompose and will not help improve soil quality. You don’t need to replenish every now and then. 

There is a proper way of mulching in order to reap its full benefit. This is why unless you are an expert on this we recommend you call a professional to do this for you. Calling a pro will give you worry-free maintenance. Manassas Landscaping Pros are widely experienced in mulching and you can be assured of the best results. We know and understand the science behind mulching and all you have to do is call us and we’ll do the rest for you.

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